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October 03, 2004

Monkey Mail

Subject: ooh ooh aah aah ooga ooga ahh ahh

OH. MY. GOD. The monkey can type!

The monkey can debate, too, but there is nobody in all of cyberspace from the right side of the aisle who will dare get in the chat room with me because I have the truth on my side and I don't lay down when somebody says "Boo!"

Maybe you have what it takes to set me straight? Or, ...are you "too busy" to take your Size 11 boot suppository?

I'm getting tired of these daily false alarms by pussified Republicans. Let's get in the ring - my boot is hungry for some Monkey ass.

Can't stand the thought that Kerry is going down in a matter of weeks, can you?

You're right - I can't stand the thought of that. Who knows? Maybe he'll show signs of life in the debate...
(I hope Bob Shrum doesn't tell Kerry to be shy and polite)

If you prefer a country with only one party why don't you move to China? I'll bet you would love it over there.

What would be the difference?
America only has one party, so how would moving to China help?

We also have a state-controlled press, like China.
We jail suspects without a reason or access to a lawyer, like China.
We torture and execute suspects in secrecy, just like China

One real difference is that China hasn't invaded anyone lately.
Another difference is the whole world doesn't hate and fear China.

You are so pathetic.

Andrew McNeil

Andrew, if you have the cojones to set me straight, I'm ready.

Posted by marc at October 3, 2004 01:26 AM

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