November 02, 2004

Wolf the idiot/whore

Is that a beard on his face?

Or did somebody mistake Wolf's face for a baby's ass and powder it?

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Wolf the idiot/whore

I strongly recommend you watch CNN.
Wolf is unintentionally funnier than Jon Stewart.

How did this troll get this job?

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Wolf the idiot/whore

Larry King: Wolf, how is tonight different from 2000?

Wolf: We're more cautious this year"


You bastards took the cheap, cowardly way out in 2000 by parroting
whatever you heard from Bush's cousin at FOX Whore News.

You're not a newsman, Wolf, you're a tramp for sale.

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Wolf the idiot/whore

"Judy, the states we're NOT calling - is that
because we don't have eno0ugh information yet?"

Judy: "That's right, Wolf!"

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Wolf the idiot/whore

One f-ing minute into the night, Wolf says, "It's early"

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