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October 02, 2004

Bush vs. His Temper

The Monkey can dish it out, but he can't take it

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Bush has thrown Kerry's words back on him during nearly every speech but he rocked back in irritation last night when Kerry did the same thing to him.

Bush's aides knew that his temper was a potential vulnerability, and his debate coaching sessions included practice in not getting rattled. But the camera shutters started snapping as the president shot a look into crowd when Kerry seized on Bush's refrain that "the enemy hit us" and to point out that was not Saddam Hussein.

"They" said a Bush victory would end the race, and Bush came out swinging. Trouble is, he should've sized up his opponent before he swung wildly and missed. Kerry caught him with several uppercuts, crashing him to the canvas.

They told Bush a quick knockout would give him four more years, but Kerry was calm and resolute while the spoiled little Bush Monkey was shocked to discover that the judges weren't going to give him this one like they have done all of his gold-plated life.

Posted by marc at October 2, 2004 09:52 PM

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