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November 02, 2004

Time to shut this down...

I have an 8 AM appointment, so I'd better ramble on.
If there's a God, maybe we'll wake up to a miracle :)

Thanks to Marc Perkel for not only setting this up,
but also for putting me online all those years ago.

Thanks for reading,


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Karen Hughes lying whore

"A second term would bring a renewed committment from the
president to be the president of ALL the people..."

Oh please!
When he still had voters to face, Bush was a heartless, murdering
slug with nothing but comtempt for everyone not GOP, white, male, rich and straight.

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Daschle 2500 votes behind in tiny Dakota

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at 11PM CST, there's only one card left in the deck that can win this for Kerry

Don't ask what that card is, I'm saying he has about a 1-in-40 chance.
It's mathematically possible, but only a 1-in-40 chance.

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Coors still losing in CO

I'm trying to find a silver lining...

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Marion Barry Wins DC Council Seat

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Nader slamming Dems for his 1 percent showing

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It's down to OH and FL -- Bush ahead in both

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Daschle at 50% with 46% of the vote in

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Yahoo - Bush 209 Kerry 199

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10:12 CST we need a miracle to win this

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CNN shows 197-188 we need to steal 10 E votes

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Bush 193, Kerry 133 +55 for CA = 5 point nail-biter race

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CBS gives PA to Kerry, CNN reluctant

41 trips to PA let the state get to
know Bush well enough to reject his nazi ass

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In PA, Kerry ahead by 16% with 59% of the vote in

But they still won't call it for him?

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The latest as of 9:45 CST

Popular Vote 41% of Precincts Reporting

George W. Bush 51% 26,559,881
John Kerry 48% 24,804,814

We have 59 percent of the vote to go.

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Bush winning Ohio


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Kerry winning PA


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Obama victory party

Mrs Obama (D-Hottie) introduced Barack as "my baby's daddy"

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Trouble: Bush wins Missouri after Kerry gave up

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New York oddity

Kerry wins every demographic except white men, where he's tied

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Texas celebrates Bush victory with execution


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CNN's Bill Schneider (R-Can't trust)

CNN's Bill Schneider says Sen. John Kerry won New York because anger over Iraq outweighed fears for terrorism among New Yorkers.

Yet their nationa poll shows love war 49%, hate war 46%

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Yahoo knocked offline?

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WOW! Kerry ahead by 55,000 im Miami County

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Monkey on CNN cameras

"I believe I'll win" compared to 2000's "I guarantee it"

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Kerry leading by 190,000 in Broward Co, FL, still ZERO votes from Miami

Jeb, what have you done with the Miami votes?

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Cat Killer Frist seen lying on CNN

Tonight should be devoid os partisan hacks

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BartCop projects Kerry wins in Maine and Maryland

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CNN projecting giant fuckup for Kerry in Missouri

Dems pulled out three weeks ago, saying "it's hopeless,"
but Kerry's running neck & neck right now.

If Kerry loses by a nose, it could be the mistake that doomed him

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Kerry 72 % in IL, and 71 % in PENN

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Early: Coors losing by 4 in Colorado

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BartCop projects NY for Kerry

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Wolf, Greenfield agog at Florida going Bush, but

still ZERO votes in from Miami and Kerry leading Bush by
180,000 votes in Broward Co

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BartCop projects Alabama for Butch

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Shocker: Mississpppi goes Butch

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Nader running a strong zero percent nationwide

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Greenfield the genius

"These nine swing states will probably make the difference tonight"

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Wolf keeps whoring

When the totals show Bush is ahead, Wolf agrees.
When the totals show Kerry ahead, Wolf reminds the
viewers that these are early returns.

Screw you, Wolf.

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Jon Stewart goes live in 30 minutes

But what will he say?
The news changes every 15 minutes.
Bowles has lost/won/lost the senate 3 times tonight

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Bowles back to losing in Carolina

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Insane Bunning now ahead!

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CNN POLL: More love Iraq war than don't like

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This Just In... Pizza arrives at BartCop Manor

Mrs. Bart too nervous to cook

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Rudy whoring on CNN: Bush did "so much" for my city

Yeah, like promising you money then not delivering?

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Bush leads by 33, but NY will make it even

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FL leaning Bush, but NO VOTES in yet from Miami or Palm beach

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PENN leaning Kerry

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Reminder: Zogby called it for KERRY

in 2000, he was within 1 percent

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Woodward seen speaking on CNN - will he be done by midnight?

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Rude Rich spotted in bartcop chat room

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Toobin: Ohio polls to be open for HOURS extra

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Is the Bush fix in?

They are reporting that the bush camp says that the exit polls are undercounting his votes. Is this in preparation to explain cheating that is about to occur? in 2000 the exit polls in Florida favored Gore - and they were correct. Gore won florida - but hen the cheating started we got a different result. The exit polls were correct - it was the election that was wrong.

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Bush ahead 155-112 overall, but it takes longer to count votes in non-coyote states

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British bookmakers report flurry of bets on Kerry victory

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bartCop projects Wolf the Whore biggest monkey in news

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Kerry leading 51/49 in important Missouri

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Bush takes coyote states Tex, OK and Kansas

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Colorado split ref fails, Monkey wins all 9 elects

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CURRENT COUNT: 102 Bush, 77 Kerry

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Woman-sterilizer Coburn wins OK senate

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Bowles now AHEAD in Carolina

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CNN: Dems + 2 senate seats, but if Daschle loses...

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BartCop calls Mississippi for Bush

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Western PA holding polls open late for Bush voters

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CNN: Virginia, home of the NRA, goes Bush

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Shocker: Bush takes Oklahoma

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Yahoo: Kerry ahead 77-66 in electoral votes

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Bush nightmare: Kerry won Jersey on terror issue

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Obama wins Senate in IL

No surprise there - I could beat Keyes drunk on Cuervo

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Kerry wins IL, and NJ, acc to CNN

We should thank Howard Stern for New Jersey

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Bowles losing 60/40 in N Carolina

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Big crowd in the chat room

I just checked, there's about 100 people there and it's early.

Connect to the chat room or read more.

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CNN stupidity

Judy Woodruff: "South Carolina is just too close to call."

Trust me, Carlina has the same backwards, uneducated, toothless
rednecks that Oklahoma has. I'll call South Carolina for you and
I'll call Oklahoma and Texas for you - Bush all the way.

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Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina - too close to call

And these are states Zogby called for Bush. It could be a bigger landslide that predicted. This could get interesting.

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Cooper on CNN says Daschle & opponent spent $30M on their race
with only 350K voters - what is that $9 per vote?

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Lukewarm good news - Leahy wins his race

Leahy has always been a rubber stamp for Bush,
and what did it get him?

A "go fuck yourself" from the Vice Oil man

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Bunning (R-Unstable) behind by TEN in KY

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Teddy speaks to Wolf the Whore

"We have the Super Bowl Champs,
We have the World Series Champs,
soon we'll have the presidency, too"

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Wolf the idiot/whore

Is that a beard on his face?

Or did somebody mistake Wolf's face for a baby's ass and powder it?

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Wolf the idiot/whore

I strongly recommend you watch CNN.
Wolf is unintentionally funnier than Jon Stewart.

How did this troll get this job?

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Wolf the idiot/whore

Larry King: Wolf, how is tonight different from 2000?

Wolf: We're more cautious this year"


You bastards took the cheap, cowardly way out in 2000 by parroting
whatever you heard from Bush's cousin at FOX Whore News.

You're not a newsman, Wolf, you're a tramp for sale.

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Wolf the idiot/whore

"Judy, the states we're NOT calling - is that
because we don't have eno0ugh information yet?"

Judy: "That's right, Wolf!"

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CURRENT COUNT: 34 Bush, 3 Kerry

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Wolf the idiot/whore

One f-ing minute into the night, Wolf says, "It's early"

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Wolf the Whore to call some states in 3 minutes

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First polls close in three minutes...

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This Just In...


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Monkeyboy NOT confident like he was in 2000

You remember Florida?

"I'm going to win, guaranteed - write that down."

This year?

"I did my best, tried very hard, now it's up to the people."

That's a lot different that "Guaranteed - write that down"

...smug bastard

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Drudge says Kerry's ahead, but he hates it

According to Rumorboy,

OH Tied

FL Kerry +2

PA Kerry +2-4

WI Kerry +4

MI Kerry +2

NH Bush +7

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Early exit polls predict Kerry will be victor

Here are the first exit polls, confirmed from sources in both parties, as leaked to RAW STORY. http://rawstory.com/

Kerry up in
Florida: 50/49
Ohio: 50/49
Michigan: 51/47
Penn: 54/45
Iowa: 50/48
Wisc.: 51/46
Minnesota: 58/40

The first number is the percentage of voters supporting Kerry,
the second are those supporting the never-elected bastard.

AZ 45-55
CO 48-51
LA 42-57*
MI 51-48
WI 52-48
PA 60-40wow
OH 52-48
FL 51-48
MICH 51-47
NM 50-48
MINN 58-40*
WISC 52-43
IOWA 49-49
NH 57-41*

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Server Problems

I was hoping to have today's issue and BCR Show 58 up today, and it still might happen if we can get the server problems figuired out.

Check later in the day, then come back here tonight
for elections returns and hopefully a big celebration.


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November 01, 2004

Bart's Worried

I sit here, watching SNL's Election Special, wondering if Wednesday will bring us America or will we still be stuck in Amerikkka? The polls show the Giggling Murderer ahead, with Kerry surging in the important states.

If Bush wins, it won't be the end of the world - it'll just be the end of the world as we know it. I'm not ready for that. I'd like my country back and I'm tired of Bush's wars, Bush's murders, Bush's magic tricks with our future and the generaly back-to-the-50s
horseshit that's caused all the trouble. I'm f-ing fed up with Bush.

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Kick Back

Short of an up-close-and-personal red-assing of the Unelected Fraud, why not put a boot in his backside with your own creative message, taped to his back-bulge as he heads for the door?

Make your own, snicker, share,
and watch the fun!

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Report Voter Suppression Tactics

Doing the fast ramp-up here to victory, we are setting up a place to track the sleazy Republican voter suppression tactics that we have all come to expect in an election. To track the usual and unusual scams,we'll scan the papers and sites -- but you too can help to maintain this running tally of Republican election-day perfidy.

If you have seen an irregularity at the polls, report it to 1-866-OUR-VOTE, and then let us know about it! Send your account to us at reportvoterintimidation@yahoo.com

If you have found a story of attempted voter suppression, we need to know about it: reportvoterintimidation@yahoo.com

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Welcome to the Bartcop Live Blog

Hi Bartcop fans. Bart hasn't even seen this blog yet but Bartcook and I are organizing a team of people to put this together for him for election day. Bart is busy finishing up radio show #58 and when he gets done with it we are going to educate him and bring him into the 21st century.

This blog is going to add a live feel to Bartcop and make it some that Bart and several of the Bart elves can bring you the election news as it happens. Otherwise Bart will be forever uploading and changing the main page. We welcome you help and feedback to make this all possible.

Marc Perkel
Fearless Leader
Computer Tyme Hosting

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Electoral-Vote.com looking good!

They are showing Kerry 298 EV vs. Bush 231. I like those numbers!


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